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Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.

Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.
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Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.
120, Sinseongnam-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-805 Korea
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HR. Kim , President

Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.
Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.
Welcome to Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.

About Us

GAEMA TECH Co., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of sol-gel coating solution. Solgel nano hybrid materials are next generation materials that have superior functionality and properties compared with other similar products. Our sol-gel nano hybrid materials, based on optical and surface modified coating technology and nano colloid chemistry, provide functional products suitable for industrial needs.

Our major products are hard coating solution and deposition material for ophthalmic lenses, ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Gaema Tech Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2004/02/04 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
Keyword hard coating, eavaporation, hydrophobic pill, SiO2, ZrO2